Jackie Reardon

Performance coach, author, entrepreneur and speaker

Jackie Reardon

Performance coach, author, entrepreneur and speaker

Train laser focus

Learn from peak performers for lasting and satisfying results in your company and team

Jackie has trained corporate chief executives, senior managers, professionals in education, elite athletes and performance artists in developing laser focus. 

Experience it for yourself

You will learn how to perform optimally under pressure and receive tools to achieve harmonious and effective co-operation when the stakes are high. In this unique training you will learn how to focus your attention on your realm of influence and direct your day-to-day actions towards your long-term goals. What’s more, you will develop a Friendly Eyes Mindset, that is to observe without judging yourself and others and to set priorities, especially in stressful situations. Jackie combines unique concentration and mindfulness exercises with the use of light sports exercises in a hands-on fashion. After the training you will know how to perform under pressure effectively and with more quality. The online courses will continue supporting you in creating new patterns to relax and focus under pressure. 

“Determination is a calm, pleasant state, without stress.”

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Jackie ReardonPerformance coach, author, entrepreneur and speaker