Jackie Reardon

Performance coach, author, entrepreneur and speaker

Jackie Reardon

Performance coach, author, entrepreneur and speaker

Motivational speaker

Experience Friendly Eyes Mindset through practical exercises

Interactive presentations

Jackie Reardon gives interactive presentations, from 1 to 3 hours, at conferences, workshops and seminars. In a refreshing and concrete manner, she explains what focused attention means and how the right mindset can make a world of difference.

Achieve your best

This will lead to better co-operation, transparent communication and an open professional climate. Anyone who strives towards the best results, not just the top of the world, can benefit from the heightened awareness the Friendly Eyes Mindset aims to achieve. You will develop a more realistic self-awareness which will enhance the enjoyment of and quality in both your professional and private life.

Elite athlete champions

Jackie Reardon illustrates her talks with short videos showing how the world's best train heightened awareness and how it has helped them to become champions. Her presentations combine her fascinating outlook on life and background in top-level competitive sports. This crosspollination ensures animated sessions in which the audience will experience what Friendly Eyes Mindset means in practice.

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Jackie ReardonPerformance coach, author, entrepreneur and speaker