Jackie Reardon

Author, entrepreneur, speaker and maverick life coach

Jackie Reardon

Author, entrepreneur, speaker and maverick life coach

Learn how to develop mental strength through kindness

Reach your best performance

Former professional tennis player Jackie Reardon trains performance artists, captains of industry and elite athletes. Drawing upon her expertise and experience in both professional sports and mindfulness she developed the Friendly Eyes Mindset. This hands-on philosophy will teach you how to stay focused on the task at hand without being distracted. You will learn how to reach your peak performance under pressure and receive tools to achieve harmonious and effective co-operation when the stakes are high. This will pave the way for better results in the longer term. Jackie Reardon is at your disposal as your consultant or motivational speaker. In a refreshing and practical fashion, she will explain how the right mindset will lead to more success and enjoyment in your workplace.

You can train your mindset!

Jackie on performance and happiness

"My career as a professional athlete was like an emotional rollercoaster. There was very little enjoyment due to only focusing on 'winning'. Eventually I came to understand that climbing a mountain is just as valuable as standing on top of it."

Once you realize these universal insights into your own mindset, happiness, harmony and focused attention can become the basis of your performance. These insights are for everyone to enjoy.

That is why, together with Ay Mey Lie and Ed Wrede the Friendly Eyes foundation we have created online courses so that all can reap the benefits of becoming mentally resilient through kindness. These e-learnings are based on donation. Take part and help us spread #friendlyeyes all over the world. 

Practicing Friendly Eyes Mindset

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Jackie ReardonAuthor, entrepreneur, speaker and maverick life coach